Monday, 14 March 2011

First Blog Post

WOW cant believe i have actually decided to put my ramblings and card creations onto my very own blog. I am sure this will be a slow process as i am really new to this - and my puter skills are only passable at best lol - i get so much pleasure from reading other peoples blogs i just decided maybe i can return the favour - you may not like my blog or what i post but hey somebody may find it amusing and if i can put a smile on one persons face then it was worth it .


  1. Kym your blog looks great...I love it and love your beautiful creations,

    We all have to start somewhere so keep up the good work,

    You can visit my bog here

    all the best


  2. Congratulation Kym. Well done on taking the plunge. Will definitely be popping in

  3. Hi Sue - i can't get your blog to come up - i copied and pasted the link but it doesnt work??