Friday, 29 June 2012

Herman the German Friendship Cake

Hi Peeps - this is totally unrelated to cardmaking but i wanted to share my Herman cake with you as it is my first go at this malarky.  My friend Sue asked if i would like to have a go at making this cake.This is how it arrived to me.

Now the instructions were very explicit - i had to look after this little pile of gloop for 10 days - i must not put the lid on or i would kill it - seriously thats what the instuctions said - i must put it on the worktop and cover loosely with a tea towel - then on day 4 i had to feed the gloop - this in itself caused a few technical hitches as i didnt realise the gloop was gonna grow - i had to get him indoors to take me shopping to find a big mixing bowl - go figure huh - then on day 9 i had to feed the gloop again by this point i was considering charging the gloop rent - i forgot to say i had to stir vigourously every day as well - ok  day 10 and i get to make the cake this is what it looked like once i had added all the stuff and let me tell ya there was a bucket load of stuff to add - if you only knew me - no way shape or form am i cook

then i had to put it into a baking tray and sprinkle with brown sugar and then pour melted butter on top
Now into the oven for a supposed 45 mins - now i am that bad at cooking that meant i was tied to the kitchen for 45 mins - otherwise i wander off and forget that i am cooking - This is the end result
And it actually tasted yummy - it has apples - bananas - sultanas in this one

And this one has cherrys-bananas-chocolate in it - which my son Kier says is the business and i swear he has eaten a quarter of it already - well what do you think Sue how many marks for this then - huh homework is done.


  1. Its looks horrible before its cooked, but afterwards yum, send me a bit lol, well done you, ive never had one of these huggies June xxxx

  2. It looks gorgeous, I bet theres none left now lol, ive never made one of these but a lot of my freinds have had them and said they had to throw them out!!! I think yours looks gorgeous xxxxxxxx

  3. I have only ever heard of this Herman cake thing once before, it sounds fun, and well done! :)